About Us

Backpacksforschools is an online store where we provide our customers with easy access to an excellent variety of Backpack & Duffel bag products.We offers our services in many countries around the world . Well talking about our products brand, We sell many brands of products but Krimcode is our best.


Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

Krimcode started out his journey with two Primary objectives, firstly to create a backpack with great uniqueness that enhance looks of Formal Dress codes, and secondly a complete casual product line to create a great sense of style and energy in every user.Society we live in is important and always makes an impact on us and our goals. But some of us want to make an impact on society with their own lifestyle and fashion. Krimcode’s backpacks are for those individuals.

Krimcode backpacks’ modish designs are defined by its focus on every little detail, Durable materials and Delicate colors. A great balance of Aesthetics, Functionality and versatility make every bag a Backpack of Boss. Krimcode offer lifetime warranty because they are confident in their Business. Every backpack is made of carefully selected materials, Great workmanship and focus on every little detail. Every Backpack is a piece of art in itself.